Lunar New Year Festival to be Held This Weekend

Temple City will celebrate the Year of the Dragon on February 4.

Written by AMY FAN / Published February 3, 2012  

On February 4th, from 1:30 P.M. to 4 P.M., The Temple City Chinese American Association and Temple City celebrate Chinese New Year at the Temple City Park.

The year 2012 marks the Year of the Dragon, a year associated with good finances and big projects.

Events planned for the Lunar Festival include Chinese food, a lion dance, and live entertainment. There will be no charge for attendees. There will also be many performances, celebrations of Chinese culture, demonstrations, and booths for children.

Local restaurants and caterers will also provide traditional Chinese food eaten at Lunar New Year festivals.

The annual event is viewed with positivity for welcoming different culture and festivities for the people of Temple City to experience.

“The event demonstrates the collective effort of the community to celebrate our diverse cultures,” said the Temple City Chinese-American Association organizer, Dr. Rae Shaiu.

The event also serves to celebrate the large Chinese population in Temple City and the San Gabriel Valley, who appreciate the recognition of their ethnic cultures.

“I have great memories of celebrating the New Year in China,” said resident May Gao. “That I can still honor and share these traditions in America is wonderful!”

The official beginning date of the Lunar New was January 23, so the Lunar New Year celebration comes at the end of a typically two-week celebration.

Chinese-American residents in Temple City, who do not receive a holiday for Chinese New Year, still take time to celebrate the holiday with their families by cooking hot pot dinners and giving red envelopes to children.

The Lunar New Year festival is one more activity that the residents can engage in, whether ethnically Chinese or not.

For more information on the Chinese Lunar New Year Festival, call Roman Rodriguez at (626) 579-0461 or the Temple City Chinese American Association, (626) 291-2345.


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