Solar Power Project Underway at Temple City High School

Temple City High School starts a project to conserve energy for the school.

Written by TIFFANY KHA / Published January 27, 2012  

Temple City High School is now in the middle of a renovation of its student parking lot, which, when complete, will feature a roof of solar panels.

This is part of a $8 million solar power project between the Temple City Unified School District and the Chevron Energy Solutions Company, Bank of America, and Deutsche Bank National Trust Company.

Energy conservation measures meetings had begun several years ago with an energy committee that was formed to look at energy and resource conservation as a means to save money. The comittee looked at several companies, Chevron being one of them, and after a special meeting held in the end of March, they decided on this particular solar panel project.

The project consists not only of the renovation of the student parking lot but also other energy conservation measures throughout the district such as the new air conditioning units which are is poised to save TCHS an estimated $800,000 a year after paying off construction costs, school officials said.

Also, over the next five years, Southern California Edison will be paying the school a $600,000 rebate. The project is plan to save money, and construction was estimated back in March 2011 to take 18 months.

Some teachers were initially worried about the cost of the project.

“At first I was worried that this purchase wasn’t made at the right time because of potential layoffs and budget cuts,” said English teacher Sarah Penalora. “But now that construction is almost complete, I am hopeful that we will see the benefits of this purchase within the next few years.”

However, many agree that will be a good investment for the future of the high school.

“[The project] is a great example for the community and I think that it will be a great economical saving as well as a lesson in producing energy contrary to convention,” said AP Environmental Science teacher Scott Randles.

Chevron will also be giving the school materials for the educational aspect of the project, including online resources and in-class lab materials.


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