Groups Perform at High School Dance Concert

The Temple City Dance Concert amused audiences on January 13.

Written by TERRENCE SUN / Published January 27, 2012  

The Temple City Dance Concert was held at San Gabriel Mission Playhouse on Friday night, January 13, 2012.

Students, parents, and faculty members attended the event to see various groups performed that night, including Auxiliaries, Pep Flags, Choreo, and other dance groups from various grades.

Many audience members commented that they had a great experience.

“I enjoyed the senior solos because of the soft lighting, music, and smoke effects,” said concert attendee David Zhuo. “It contrasted sharply with the other electronic dances.”

They also noted that performers had different emotions on stage. “It definitely feels different from the empty house during rehearsal,” says Choreo performer Katie Huang. “The fact that all your friends and family are out there to watch you makes you nervous and excited at the same time–nervous about messing up and excited for their reaction of the performance.”

The dance routines were executed after months of work and dedication.

“We’ve been preparing our rehearsals since summer,” Huang said. “Since school started almost every Wednesday has been dedicated to learning and cleaning each routine.”

When asked about her favorite piece to perform, Huang replied, “I loved Pop, Drop, and Roll because it’s the first time that Choreo had ever done hip hop. It was fun to try something different from the usual jazz or modern.”

The dance concert was a great success for many of the performers. Fans of the dance concert can mark their calendars for the Choreo Showcase, which will be on May 24.



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