Public Arts Advisory Group Issues Recommendations

City Council asked to form a Public Arts commission.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published January 27, 2012  

The city council recently directed staff to draft an ordinance to create a public arts commission, following the recommendation by the public arts advisory group.

Composed of four Temple City residents, the group made their recommendations during the June 7, 2011 city council meeting.

According to Wesley Hester, a member of the group, the commission would be charged with overseeing the “public art program” in Temple City. The commission would be similar to the Parks and Recreation, Planning, and Public Safety commissions, he said.

During their official presentation, the group noted the lack of artwork in the city.

“Our list of existing public art is so minimal,” Kathy Keelin, another member of the group said.

She added, “One of the things that often bring a city to life is the public art.”

The advisory group, which was formed by the city council earlier this year, also asked the city to allocate $15,000 (for fiscal year 2011-2012) to allow the commission to function, as well as to develop and maintain a public art program.

After hearing the report, the city council agreed to consider forming a public arts commission.

In addition, the city council tentatively approved a mural project that would be displayed on the Temple City public library. The advisory group would take the lead on the mural project.

Councilmembers Carl Blum and Fernando Vizcarra served as the ad hoc committee members to the advisor group. However, on Tuesday, Mr. Blum stepped down and Mayor Tom Chavez took his spot. Mr. Blum will instead focus on the Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project, which the public arts advisory group is expected to assist as well.


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