Catching Up with Former Art Manager Nelson Luu

The former Art Manager now attends the University of California, Riverside.

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published January 20, 2012  

An active and involved student, Nelson Luu joined the Temple City Voice during his junior year in high school, after hearing about it from friends who were involved. He began as a staff writer and artist, eventually serving as the Art Manager in his senior year.

“My favorite part was the meetings,” recalls Luu, “I really enjoyed all the planning and spending time with other members.”

Luu graduated Temple City High School two years ago, and he currently attends University of California, Riverside. He says that the skills that he learned during his time with TCV continue to be a part of his everyday life. Whether it is socializing with new people or writing papers for professors, Luu finds that TCV experience has helped him adjust to college life.

Currently, Luu is applying his journalism skills even more directly as a member of his college’s new student newspaper group. The brand-new organization, called Spoiled Minds, is also completely student-run. Luu is excited about the new opportunities and perspectives this newspaper will bring to his campus.

In high school, Luu actively participated in various student groups such as TCV, Peer Listeners, and Future Business Leaders of America. Now, in college, he is involved with the Asian American Christian Fellowship, the Beta-Phi-Delta community service fraternity, and the Asian Pacific Student Programs Office. He is also currently double-majoring in Art History Administrative Studies and Studio Art.

“I want to open my own art gallery someday,” Luu shares.

Though college education is definitely more difficult than high school, Luu says he wouldn’t trade it for the world.


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