TCHS Grad Nite Committee Holds Parking Lot Sale on Saturday

Temple City Grad Nite planning a parking lot sale this Saturday, January 21 from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Written by JONATHAN TAN / Published January 20, 2012 

While the end of school is still months away, parents are busy preparing for the annual graduation celebration.

Donna Georgino, head of the Parking Lot Sale Fundraiser and Publicity, recently shared with the Voice the different fundraising activities that are needed to make grad night a success.

“The money that we collect from students only covers half of the total expenses. We have to get the other half from fundraising,” Donna said. “The next fundraising activity is the Parking Lot Sale on January 21 from 8am to 12pm. In addition to the outdoor sale, the committee will also be selling parking spaces to individuals who want to sell their own items. They will have to pay a fee to rent the space, but will be able to keep their own profits.

All seniors are encouraged to attend grad night as it is the final gala before the summer hits and it is the last chance to see your entire class together. This year’s theme is iToonz.

There are all kinds of entertainment; last year’s included food, raffle prizes, hypnotists, pictures printed in Rolling Stones magazines, and free hair and makeup.

“For my year, there were two arcade games, game booths, a rock climbing wall, tattoo booths, a stage for a live band, and a place where we could ‘get married,’” alumnus Justin Fang said. “Our theme was Party Like a Rock Star and I thought [the committee] incorporated it very well as illustrated by having a live band play. Overall, I think grad night was one of my most memorable nights of school since it was a once in a lifetime experience.”

For more information, the committee has created a website at to provide dates of upcoming events and information regarding the festive night.


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