Children’s Author Visits Temple City Library

Author Cornelia Funke shared stories last month at the Temple City public library.

Written by LOSA MERU / Published January 6, 2012

The acclaimed German author Cornelia Funke visited the Temple City library on December 3 to share stories about her books and how she became a writer.

Well-known for several of her most famous childrens’ books, the Inkheart series, Dragon Rider, The Thief Lord, and Reckless, she shared with an audience of around 80 people about how she got started writing and her inspirations for writing such well-received books.

Though Cornelia Funke mostly wrote for a young audience, her books were read by all ages. Not all of the audience was full of young children. For senior Teresa Chen, it brought back memories of her childhood.

Reminiscing the past, she said, “It was cool to meet an author of a book that I read.”

Another older reader, senior Adeney Zo, reveled at the luck of seeing a famous author at her own library.

“I thought this was a really exciting event because she’s not on a book tour or anything she just came because one of the librarians knew her and invited her,” said Zo. “She seems like a really genuine, nice, and cool person.”

Dressed in clothing inspired by her books, Funke explained that she comes up with story ideas from the fairy tales in Germany, her home.

After ending her discussion session, she followed it up with a question and answer, and then finally a book signing.

Before finally concluding the event, Cornelia Funke’s last message was to encourage young writers to begin their own books. After starting off with a story on how she used to start books but not finish them, Funke assured her audience that as long as they fuel their writing with passion, their stories will go on.

She encouraged them to make reading a magical experience. According to Funke, “…if you put memories in [your books,] or writing, or underline something that touched you, you will find…your old self there, in that book, when you open it again. That’s magic.”


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