Interview with School Board President Matt Smith

Smith shares his experience and vision for the Temple City School Board.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published December 16, 2011  

The Temple City School Board recently re-elected School Board Member Matt Smith as president.

A veteran of the school board, Smith shared his experience on the school board and his vision for the upcoming year.

“My wife was a teacher, as my oldest son is now, and I have worked with school districts throughout LA County,” Smith explained.

His active role in the Temple City community also prepared and prompted him to run for a position on the Board of Education.

“I served on the London school site council, in addition to working with youth in our community in coaching and managing Little League and soccer teams,” said Smith, “so seeking a position on the school board just seemed like a logical extension of those activities.”

Appointed to the school board in 1998 and re-elected continuously since then, Smith has found that these past few years have been a great growth and learning experience.

“I have found the wide variety of issues that must be addressed very interesting and intellectually stimulating,” said Smith. “Many of the issues that have come up over the years are things that I do not deal with in my day to day employment and, candidly, involve topics that had not thought about before.”

Following this year’s election results, Smith looks to the future as he plans for the new term. He hopes to unify the new board in order to work together to improve Temple City’s schools.

“Any time a member of the school board changes, the entire dynamic of the board changes,” Smith said. “With the recent election of two new board members, we will need to spend a considerable amount of time on team building and educating our new board members about what their responsibilities are.”

In terms of his plans for the new term, Smith focused on the issue of school facilities and the current budget crisis.

“Many of our facilities are in generally poor shape and need to be addressed via the passage of a school bond,” he said. “Also, we have been living in a perpetual budget crisis for the past five or six years. As a result, we must continue to address this painful process in addition to building a recovery plan.”



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