Developer Now Marketing The Gateway

The Gateway project received final approval on April 5th.

Written by AMY FAN / Published December 16, 2011  

The city manager on Thursday announced that developer Randy Wang has commenced a global marketing effort for The Gateway project.

“The development team instructed its representatives here and abroad to start worldwide market of The Gateway project’s EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program,” Jose Pulido stated in his April 14, 2011 city manager’s weekly report.

A website highlighting the development will soon be available, the city manager also said.

Pulido noted that the restaurant and retail industry continues to show interest in the project.

The latest include Ross Stores and Buffalo World Wings Grill and Bar. In addition, the developer’s team previously mentioned that an independent grocer, Best Buy, Howards, Souplanation, Mimi’s Café, and Olive Garden were interested. Wang has already secured a letter of intent from Chipotle.

The marketplace is open to The Gateway project, according to Wang’s commercial broker.

“The project, especially in its current incarnation, is well received from the marketplace,” Armando Aguirre said on March 15.

The Gateway project is being proposed as a 75,000 square foot Mediterranean-style shopping and dining center. In addition to spaces for retail and restaurant, the developer plans to build office spaces.

The project will consist of four buildings, 331 parking spaces, and an architectural tower element.

With final approval of the project on April 5, the developer is now entering the design development and construction documentation phase. A ground breaking has tentatively been planned for February 2012.

Meanwhile, a corruption trial for former Temple City Mayor Cathé Wilson will likely begin soon. The former city official is being charged with several counts of bribery and perjury over her role in the Piazza scandal.

Wilson is being accused of receiving $10,000 in bribes from the developer’s former project manager. On March 24, she reiterated her innocence in an interview with the Pasadena Star News.

The fallout from the Piazza corruption scandal has led to two former city officials resigning from the City Council. A former mayor stepped down in 2009, while another former mayor is serving a 16-month sentence in state prison.


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