Vizcarra Steps Down, while Chavez Selected as Next Mayor

Vincent Yu serves as mayor pro tempore, again

Written by AMY FAN / Published December 16, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY)

Tom Chavez is now the mayor of Temple City.

Chavez was unanimously chosen by his colleagues to succeed Councilman Fernando Vizcarra during the March 21, 2011 special city council meeting. Vizcarra had served as mayor since July 2009.

The City Council also selected Vincent Yu to serve as mayor pro tempore. This is the councilman’s second stint as the vice-mayor.

Both Chavez and Yu were elected to the City Council in 2009.

City officials also confirmed the March 8 election results.

The top vote-getters were councilmembers Blum, Sternquist, and Vizcarra. They received 2098, 2082, and 1760 votes respectively.

In fourth place was Planning Commissioner Manuel “Manny” Valenzuela III, at 1200 votes. Starene Cruse followed with 626 votes. Lisk received 300 votes.

Blum and Sternquist were both elected to their first term. Sternquist was appointed in 2009 to replace former Councilman Dave Capra, while Blum was appointed in 2010 to replace former Councilwoman Judy Wong.

Vizcarra was elected to his third nonconsecutive term. He was first elected to the City Council in 2001. Voters returned Vizcarra to the body in 2007.

Due to term limits, Vizcarra must step down in 2015. Blum and Sternquist will still be eligible to run again.


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