Gateway Project Secures Nod from City Officials

Final approval of The Gateway on April 5

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published December 16, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY)

Developer Randy Wang on Tuesday received tentative approval for The Gateway project.

The City Council voted 4-0 to approve his revised commercial center during the March 15, 2011 meeting. Mayor Fernando Vizcarra was absent.

A second and final authorization will take place on April 5, city officials stated.

The Gateway project is being proposed as a 75,000 square foot Mediterranean-style shopping and dining center. In addition to the retail and restaurant spaces, the developer intends to include office spaces.

The project will encompass four buildings, 331 parking spaces, and a “tower element.” The tallest building will be 39 feet.

Wang’s Gateway proposal is significantly toned down from his previous proposal, the Piazza at Temple City. The old project, which was approved in 2006, would have been a 125,000 square foot mixed-use development.

According to Howard Poyourow, senior project manager, the project will enter the design development and construction documentation phase once the City Council gives its final nod in April.

Armando Aguirre, commercial broker, also stated that progress was being made to attract “major national companies” to The Gateway.

The commercial broker stated that for the project to proceed, the developer needs to secure tenants for 60 percent of development.

However, he stated that many potential businesses, including an independent grocer, Best Buy, Howards, Souplantation, Chipotle, Mimi’s Café, and Olive Garden were interested in the project.

“The project, especially in its current incarnation, is well received from the marketplace,” Aguirre said.

In response to a Councilmember Carl Blum, the senior project manager stated the developer “intends to explore green opportunities,” which will be determined during the construction phase.

Unlike the Piazza proposal, few residents have voiced opposition to The Gateway project.

Councilmember Vincent Yu, who opposed the Piazza as a planning commissioner, said the project was “vastly improved.”

“It’s not a mini-mall. It’s a project that we can feel proud of,” Mayor Pro Tempore Tom Chavez concurred.

The Gateway is being proposed on the corner of Las Tunas Drive and Rosemead Boulevard.

The developer hopes to break ground in February 2012.


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