Breaking News Update: Frustration for Some, as Temple City Endures Power Outages

This is a breaking news story update.

Some Temple City households remain “power”-less, as others reported receiving electricity over the weekend.

City Hall reported on Sunday, December 4, that 10 percent of Temple City was still without power. The most heavily affected areas were those south of Las Tunas Drive.

According to Southern California Edison, power should be restored by Monday.

At City Hall, volunteers continued to distribute bags of ice, water, and flashlights.

On Saturday, Temple City opened the Live Oak Park Community Center for those affected by the power outage to charge their electrical devices, watch some TV, and stay warm. However, all City parks remained closed until further notice.

The hurricane-like windstorm slammed into Temple City on Wednesday, November 30, uprooting approximately 200 trees, as well as damaging public and private property.

In response, the City Council declared a local “state of emergency,” which will allow Temple City to recuperate some of the disaster-related costs. City officials also temporarily suspended overnight parking rules until January 2012.

Next week, City Hall expects to provide estimates of how much damage was caused by the monstrous windstorm.

Meanwhile, businesses along Rosemead Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive have reopened following a brief closure due to lack of electricity.

As of 6 P.M. on Sunday, December 4, the following information was provided by Temple City officials.

• Last week, the City Council declared a state of emergency and suspended rules prohibiting overnight parking in Temple City.

• Temple City Unified School District schools reopen Monday, December 5, though Cloverly and Emperor elementary schools may not have power fully restored.

• City Hall remains open for 24 hours daily to assist with any emergency-related issues. City Hall will open for normal City business on Tuesday, December 5.

• The Live Oak Park Community Center is open for residents without electricity to read, study, or watch some family-friendly TV.

• However, all Temple City parks are closed until further notice.

• Approximately 10 percent of Temple City homes are still without power. Southern California Edison has informed city officials that power may not be restored until Monday, December 5.

• Water service is operating at full capacity throughout Temple City.

• Approximately 200 trees are down. Athens Services have deployed huge trash receptacles to collect fallen tree debris. Crews will also pick up debris through Friday, December 9.

• At least 30 homes have sustained damage.

• Two criminal incidences have been reported: a purse snatching on Las Tunas and a residential burglary on Olive Avenue.

• There are no reported injuries.



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