High School to Host Blood Drive

Temple City High School’s Red Cross Club will host a blood drive.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published November 18, 2011 

On November 22, at 9:00 A.M., the Red Cross Club at Temple City High School will host a blood drive for the students and faculty.

Red Cross club president, Teresa Chen encourages all students and faculty to donate blood.

“We have about 80 sign-ups right now, but we’re aiming for 100 at the very minimum. Hopefully everyone will remember their form and staff will participate too,” said Chen. “We’re trying to do a mini competition to see if more teachers will donate than students.”

Blood, unlike organs is something that every person has excessive quantities of, and is something that is easy to give. With each donation of blood, it can save up to three lives. For those who do not know, blood is in constant demand in California. Although the state has a large population, California lacks blood and actually needs to constantly ship blood from other states from states like Arizona to help supply for victims of accidents.

Chen goes on to say that many people simply do not understand just how much blood is used.

“A single car accident can require as many as one hundred pints of blood,” said Chen. “That means one hundred people must donate blood just to save that one person.”

The process of donating is a fairly simple process. Although all are welcome, all prospective donors must meet an age requirement of seventeen or above, and meet a certain height to weight ratio. This process of donating blood takes about forty to fifty minutes.

The donor will first go through an exam of their general health and iron content. Then a needle is inserted to draw the blood from the patient as he or she lies down on a bed.

Lasting for about eight minutes, the needle is removed and he or she will rest on the bed and be offered juice and cookies. It is normal to feel slightly lightheaded afterwards.

Although some people are anxious on their first time donating blood, many end up happy knowing he or she will be saving a life, said Chen.

To donate blood, students and faculty of Temple City High School can schedule an appointment before November 22.



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