City Moves Toward Renovating Council Chambers

Yu: City intends to refurnish wall panels, carpets, chairs, and sound system.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published November 18, 2011

A modern Council Chambers may soon be coming to City Hall.

Temple City Councilman Vincent Yu on Tuesday reported that an ad hoc committee on renovating the Council Chambers met last week. The committee asked staff to look into prices and samples for the project.

“The scope of work will be refurbishing some of the wall panels, carpets, and possibly looking at the upholstery of the chairs,” Yu said at the February 15, 2011 city council meeting.

The councilmember also said the committee was looking into “redoing the sound system.”

Almost a year and a half ago, Mayor Vizcarra created an ad hoc committee composed of Councilmember Yu and himself, to consider renovating the Council Chambers.

The initial figures toward renovating the Chambers ranged from $103,000 to $758,000, according to City Hall estimates in December 2009. Displeased with the analysis, the City Council directed staff to bring back a list of needs that prioritizes what was necessary for the City to fix.


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