Ridley, Tiet, and Knollenberg Win

Mixed results for incumbents: one re-elected, two denied re-election.

Written by BRIAN CHEN / Published November 11, 2011

After months of campaigning, Robert Bob Ridley, Kien Tiet, and Ken Knollenberg on Tuesday beat out four others to win a seat on the Temple City School Board.

The only incumbent to be re-elected was Ridley, while Tiet and Knollenberg were the challengers.

Ridley received the most votes, 1125. Tiet followed at 1013 votes. Knollenberg got 924 votes.

Incumbent Rhee finished fourth with 728 votes. Wong got 647 votes. Incumbent LaSota followed at 494. Former School Board Member Cales received 415 votes.

Voter turnout throughout the Temple City Unified School District was 12.8 percent. Within the city of Temple City, voter turnout was at 13.4 percent.

Many voters had different opinions about the range of candidates and thought hard about their decisions for the school board.

“I first based my vote off of each candidate’s occupation,” said resident Donna Chen. “Then I read each of their goals. With this information, I determined who would work well with each other.”

Some of the candidates have a few words to say regarding the election and the future.

Knollenberg stated that he would like to thank all the support he had from the Temple City Education Association and Classified School Employees Association Chapter 105. His plans for the future include listening and seeing what the problems are in the schools, such as the ever-growing budget crisis.

Cales, though unsuccessful in her campaign, said that she ran a good campaign and was satisfied with the results. She also stated that she would continue her teaching career as a substitute teacher.

Also unsuccessful in his campaign run, Matthew Wong wishes the candidates luck and hopes that they will be able to actively reach out to the community.

“Our School District faces a lot of serious challenges ahead,” said Wong. “I wish the candidates the best as they try to resolve the very difficult problems. My only hope is that they regularly communicate with the community.”

The three elected candidates will be sworn into office in December.



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