Temple City Establishes Senior Meal Program

The City, with assistance from the County, will coordinate with YWCA for senior meals.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published November 11, 2011 

A senior meals program, funded by state and federal grants, will be coming to Temple City in February.

The City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved a senior meals program, supported by the County of Los Angeles, during its January 18, 2011 city council meeting. The program will be run by the San Gabriel Valley YWCA.

According to Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs, the program will be eligible for seniors 60 years and older. Non-senior spouses and dependents will also be eligible to participate.

Burroughs said that the new program will cost the City $6000 per year, which is based on a 15 percent matching requirement. The balance of the program will be paid by state and federal grants via the Older Americans Act.

For the current fiscal year, senior meals will be paid with general fund monies rather than Community Development Block Grant funds, as previously suggested.

There will also be a suggested donation of $2 per meal, the parks and recreation director stated.

“The meals are nutritionally balanced,” she said.

“The City could also have an Americanized and an Asian menu.”

Councilmember Carl Blum, who supports the program, expressed that the City should annually review the program.

“I want to be making sure that we’re not locking in to entitlement-type things,” he said.

The YWCA will be responsible for running the operations of the senior meals program, including the hiring of an on-site manager.


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