Community Donates 500 Books to Temple City Library

Last year, the City launched a book drive for the county library.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published November 11,  2011 (ONLINE ONLY)

Five hundred books and media have been donated to the Temple City public library as part of the “50 Books for 50 Years” campaign.

Cynthia Sternquist, Temple City councilmember, on Tuesday, January 18, 2011, presented the final set of donations before the City Council and the general public.

Last year, the councilwoman initiated the “50 Books for 50 Years” book drive to encourage Temple City residents to donate books and DVDs as part of the City’s historic anniversary celebration. While the goal was originally set for 50 books, the community’s overwhelming support prompted Councilwoman Sternquist to set a second and higher goal of 500 books.

The councilmember stated the book and media donations amounted to millions of hours of recreational hours for Temple City youth, adults, and seniors. She also urged the public to visit the library.

“Please come out to the library and enjoy 500 new books,” Sternquist stated.

Each donated book will include a plaque with the donor’s name.

“I want to thank the City Council and the residents of Temple City for this generous donation, especially in these economic times when we can’t buy as many book as we’d like to,” Susan Schlager, the head librarian, said.


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