Kang-Smith in Her Fourth Year as Superintendent 

Superintendent Chelsea Kang-Smith looks forward to another successful year.

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published November 4, 2011 

Starting her fourth year as superintendent, Chelsea Kang-Smith looks back on the past and focuses on the upcoming year.

A former Area Superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, Chelsea Kang-Smith brought 17 years of experience when she came to Temple City four years ago.

Before becoming the superintendent overseeing 27 schools in San Diego, she had previously served as a science teacher, an assistant principal, and a principal, and an assistant superintendent.

Looking back, Kang-Smith expresses her delight in seeing the students and staff alike achieve more each year. As another school year begins, she reflects upon our successes in the past years and looks forward to further improving Temple City’s educational quality.

Last year, a new English Language Arts program was put into action in the schools, specifically designed to help struggling students achieve higher performance. This year, the focus will be on Mathematics.

“We are not only focused on struggling students. We are focusing on all students,” says Kang-Smith, “We believe that the strategies we are implementing can apply to all programs and all levels of achievement.”

Significant increases in our district’s API (Academic Performance Index) scores confirm that the hard work of the staff is producing visible results. Since 2008, Temple City High School’s API has increased from 823 to 880, qualifying it as one of Los Angeles County’s Top Ten high schools. All four elementary schools and Oak Avenue Intermediate School have API scores above 900, and the Learning Center shows major growth as well.

“I’m so proud of the fact that not only are our scores increasing, but the achievement gap between difference socioeconomic groups is also slowly disappearing,” comments Kang-Smith.

In addition to academic programs targeted at students, Kang-Smith advocates life-long learning for all education workers. This year, the district’s theme is “Healthy Culture”. Placing an emphasis on healthy bodies and healthy minds, she asks the adult staff to exemplify the district core values, trustworthiness, fairness, respect, responsibility, and citizenship. By starting with the teachers and administrators, Kang-Smith feels that students will benefit from their positive influence.

“The greatest part is seeing our students succeed. When I go out to the games, classrooms, and performances, and I see our students grow, socially, emotionally, as well as academically,” Kang-Smith shares. “That is what I love the most about my job.”


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