Opinion: The Test With Benefits

Junior Pauline Chen gives her opinions on the SAT, formerly known as the Standard Aptitude Test.

Written by PAULINE CHEN / Published November 4, 2011 

The SAT is a three hour and 45 minute long test that covers the subjects math, critical reading, and writing.

Every year, this test is known for its bad connotation and cause of stress for many high school students preparing for the college application process.

The SAT tests students on the subject matter learned in high school and how well they can apply the information.

In my opinion, this test clearly does not test what all students have learned in high school. In fact, many high schools have an English program that neither teaches nor emphasizes the required English grammar rules found on the SAT.

These grammar rules are an essential tool to perform well in the writing section of the SAT, that many students, including me, have had a hard time with this section due to the lack of stress in this area.

This being the case, many students find themselves resorting to outside resources to cope with this deficit, Senior Justin Lin says.

“The SAT grammar section, due to English’s complex nature in grammar and structure, requires an understanding that often requires large amounts of outside preparation.”

Although this is the case in many high schools, I think that the SAT is an adequate tool to measure knowledge. I figure that colleges were in need of some sort of standardized testing tool that measured knowledge on an equal playing field.

This ultimately gives everyone an equal opportunity to present his or her accumulated knowledge to colleges.

It has been proven that for all these years, the SAT has been able to do the job and has brought a way for colleges to gauge students.


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