School Board Candidate Interview: Kien Tiet

Kien Tiet, a Temple City resident and practicing attorney, is running for a position on the Temple City School Board.

Written by ASHLEY CHANG / Published October 28, 2011  

Attorney and Temple City resident Kien Tiet will be running in the 2011 school board election this November.

Tiet’s slogan, “Dedicated to our children and the future,” expresses his emphasis on student education and furthering the growth of the Temple City community. A firm believer for equal access to education in our district, Tiet will work to improve and enrich the quality of student education as well as open community involvement in schools.

“In these tough economic times,” Tiet said, “We need to pull together to make public education work.”

Tiet stresses the importance of giving back to the community as the main reason of why he is running for a position on the School Board.

“I wanted to give back to our community,” Tiet said, “As a candidate, I do not have a hidden agenda. I do not have an ax to grind. I just want what is best for the kids and the community as a whole.”

A former CFO of a large corporation, Tiet believes that his legal training and experiences in the business world will provide the Temple City School Board with insight for long term planning.

He hopes to better leverage underutilized district assets and guide the district toward responsible fiscal management.

Currently, Tiet is a practicing lawyer in Temple City and specializes in business transactions and litigations and corporate tax planning.

“If elected,” said Tiet, “I pledge to be ethical, fiscally prudent, and prepared to discuss subjects and issues related to our district. I will work diligently to improve our educational standing by working with students, parents and teachers.”

This interview is part of a series of profiles of the School Board candidates.


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