Students Respond to Vandalism at Temple City High School

A recent graffiti incident at Temple City High School prompts outrage and concern.

Written by ROBERT XUE / Published October 28, 2011  

On Monday, October 10, Temple City High School was vandalized by graffiti.

The perpetrator has not been caught, and the police department has issued a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for the vandalism.

The high school administration acted swiftly, removing the graffiti with water. The next day, students witnessed the removal of the traces of the crime.

The students of the high school reacted in a variety of ways, all of them condemning the act.

To TCHS senior Frank Hsu, the action was a blatant act of destruction and selfish expression.

“Vandalism is wrong, and it is disrespectful to our school property,” says Hsu. “It is a way to be recognized.”

Junior Jessie Chen was infuriated by the disregard for the students of Temple City.

“Every day people come to school, and they don’t have the right to vandalize. It’s public property.”

Many students offered insight as to the possible methods of prevention.

Temple City Voice writer Terrence Sun opines that the maintenance of the school is essential in reducing the likelihood of vandalism.

“If the school has good general maintenance, there will be less chances of vandalism,” says Sun.

He adds that an attitude of awareness amongst both students and staff will discourage graffiti and other types of destructive behavior.

“Have staff members check around convenient locations at school time for possible vandalism.”

For all students of TCHS, the graffiti was an important reminder of the damage caused by vandalism and the need to prevent it.


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