City Agrees to Pay Half of Cost for Oak Avenue’s Gym Floor

Temple City officials approve a payment of $55,472 to the School District.

Written by AMY FAN / Published October 28, 2011  

Temple City officials on Tuesday agreed to pay the School District approximately 57 thousand dollars for the replacement of a gym floor and two sets of bleachers at Oak Avenue Intermediate School.

However, the payment will be tied to a clause that guarantees the City’s use of the gym for a minimum of 25 hours a week, for a duration of seven years, city officials said at the January 4, 2011 city council meeting.

“Without a City-owned gymnasium, we have been using the gymnasium at Oak Avenue Intermediate School and the gymnasium at Temple City High School for the past few years,” Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs said.

She admitted, “We use the gym extensively at Oak Avenue and at the high school.”

The new gym flooring was installed during the summer of 2010, according to the parks and recreation director. Prior to the installation of the new flooring, the gym at Oak Avenue was not in good condition.

As a result of the school’s decision to replace the gym floors, new bleachers had to be purchased. The City, Burroughs stated, was also asked to contribute money for two sets of bleachers.

The City ad hoc committee, composed of Councilmembers Tom Chavez and Fernando Vizcarra, began discussing in 2009 with their counterparts to discuss jointly renovating the Oak Avenue gym and a parking agreement for City employees to park at the District Office parking lot. The City had also agreed to explore grant funding for a new gym floor.

“Even though we had these discussions, at length, the item was never brought before the full Council for formal approval,” Burroughs said.

After a year of negotiations, the City was asked to pay half the costs of the new gym floor and bleachers.

Since the City did not allocate funding for the replacement floors, the City’s payment will come from general reserves.

However, Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs noted that the contribution will come on top of the City’s 2010 contribution to the School District.

In 2009, the City agreed to pay the School District a lump sum payment for the first time in Temple City history. This year, the City again contributed $20,000 to the School District in order to secure joint approval of the Facilities Use Agreement between the two bodies.

At one point, the City Council also considered building a City-owned gym. The plan was later abandoned due to the economic situation and lack of grants.


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