School Board Candidate Interview: Rachel LaSota

Rachel LaSota will be running for another school board term in the November election.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published October 21, 2011  

School Board Member Rachel LaSota is running for a second term on the school board.

As a 20-year resident, LaSota works on the medical board in California and is a probation supervisor. One of her children graduated Temple City High School as part of the Class of 2011, and the other is currently attending school at Oak Avenue Intermediate School.

LaSota has placed the Temple City school budget as one of her highest concerns.

“We’re reliant on what the state dictates to us,” said LaSota. “We apply for grants, but unfortunate the grants that were once available have dried up.”

As a result of less funding from the state, LaSota and the rest of the school board have had to make “heart-wrenching” decisions.

“Eighty-nine percent of our budget is from personnel,” said LaSota. “Unfortunately, when we look at cutting, they often have to be in personnel.”

However, LaSota is very confident in the school system, which she says is “high performing.” At the same time, LaSota would also like to see an expansion of the ROP classes, for students interested in other options besides college after high school.

In addition, though Temple City High School has met state expectations and has a very high API score, La Sota would like to see the high school be on target with the No Child Left Behind program.

LaSota has also had a close relationship with another member of the school board, Janet Rhee, and the two are running mates in this election.

“We balance each other very well; I’m very legalistic, Janet’s a numbers person. I couldn’t imagine doing this without her.”

LaSota is running because she is, most importantly, a community member. She is running to serve the community to serve as an active member in the school system and city.

“I’m not living to be a school board member,” says LaSota. “Even if I were not elected, I would continue to be active in the community through PTA, and I would still be participating in school events.”

This interview is part of a series of profiles of the School Board candidates.


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