Temple City Sponsors Community Meeting on Rosemead Project

The City held a town hall meeting to discuss the recent Rosemead Boulevard Project.

Written by KYLE EVANKO / Published October 21, 2011  

Last Thursday on October 6, the city council held a meeting at Live Oak park to discuss upcoming Rosemead Boulevard renovations.

The city council is planning on renovating Rosemead and introducing a number of changes to the worn street.

The changes mainly include refurnishing the roadway and walkways close to the boulevard.

The city has a number of plans of how to improve Rosemead. First, the city wants to install a median which would house trees and plants, all of which would be low maintenance and drought-tolerant.

Public art is also a main constituent of the project. The city plans to place public and local art on the sides of the road and on the sidewalks. Murals and artistically designed bike racks are ideas for the possible art. Another idea is to put modern Camilla signs around the entrances and exits of Temple City to signify the city boundaries.

So far, the project is estimated to cost $15 million; however, Temple City has received around $14.6 million in grants for the project.

A major keystone in the project will be the intersection of Las Tunas and Rosemead. The city plans to work with the local businesses and the Piazza contractor to create a very welcoming environment. The Piazza is projected to finish the summer of 2013.

The city is to select a contractor hopefully by the end of the year or early next. The overall construction is anticipated to be completed at the end of 2013.


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