School Board Candidate Interview: Matthew Wong

Matthew Wong is seeking a position on the School Board with a variety of different ideas for the district.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published October 14, 2011  

UC Davis graduate Matthew Wong is running for a first term on the Temple City School Board.

At the age of 21 Matthew Wong graduated from Temple City High School in 2007 and the University of California at Davis with a major in Political Science and Asian American Studies.

Wong sees his youth as a positive aspect that will benefit the community.

“What our school board lacks right now is energy,” said Wong. “We need energy to do big things,” he says.

Wong also seeks to remove certain misconceptions about age.

“If the voters look past age, they will see someone who is truly dedicated and love the city and its schools.”

Wong has also had experience with state legislators, having interned with State Assemblyman Anthony Portantino and state Senator Carol Liu.

If elected, Wong would bring new ideas and solutions to the questions facing the city regarding the school system, especially with funding.

One part of his plan is to set up a fundraising committee to raise funds within the city.

In addition, Wong wants to update our school facilities using money raised within the school community, to renovate the schools in Temple City.

One of Wong’s biggest emphases is his desire to be more involved with the community. He wants to work with the community by expanding the number of town hall meetings, to inform the people of certain projects and to gauge how they feel about certain projects.

In addition, Wong seeks to form a community based coalition to focus on how to renovate the school.

In order to pay for the plans he has outlined, Wong will pursue grant funding from the state. He says that his experience with Portantino and Liu has taught him how to interact and speak to the state and federal level in different areas.

Wong hopes to bring a new perspective to the school board. His major ideas involve involving the whole community in order to make Temple City Schools an even stronger place for study.

“I care deeply about the community,” said Wong. “Where there is economic difficulty, I see opportunities for us to all get involved and to reach everybody. I want to involve everybody within the community to enhance our school system.”

This interview is part of a series of profiles of the School Board candidates.


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