School Board Candidate Interview: Ken Knollenberg

Ken Knollenberg cites his long-term managing as good experience to be a School Board Member.

Written by KYLE EVANKO / Published October 7, 2011

Challenger Kenneth Knollenberg is running for a spot on the Board of Education.

Although he is not an incumbent, Knollenberg is experienced with many of the issues in Temple City’s School District.

Knollenberg has experience in mainly engineering but also special projects and employment that relate to the school board.

Knollenberg’s key experience is his skill of long-term budgeting. Knollenberg is sure that it will be vital to the school board.

“I have experience in budget,” Knollenberg said. “And I could bring that long-term strategy planning.”

The budget is a major issue of concern that affects all school districts in the state. Currently, the districts face layoffs and other cuts.

“I don’t know if there is anything to do to solve the budget problem, but if we try to go through and scrutinize the budget at the lowest level, something has to be sacrificed,” Knollenberg said. “[We would do it] through collaboration and general review.”

Knollenberg also feels that student input is key to the board of education. He thinks it brings a needed viewpoint.

“I’d like to see more involvement sometime with ASB-School Board meetings,” Knollenberg said. “Students seem to be much more open than others who address the board, and I’d hope for more input from other schools than just the high school.”

Knollenberg is running against six other candidates, including three incumbents.

This is Knollenberg’s second time contesting for a seat. He last ran in the 2009 School Board election.

The School Board election will be held on Nov. 8. A school board candidate forum will be held Oct. 16.


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