School Board Candidate Interview: Janet Rhee

A veteran member of the school board, Janet Rhee will be running for re-election again.

Written by VINCENT TSANG / Published September 30, 2011

As a member who has served in the school board since 2007, Temple City resident, Janet Rhee will be running for re-election in November 2011.

Rhee’s motivation to run for the school board had been deeply influenced by her childhood experience. As a child, Rhee, her parents, and her siblings moved to California in 1977.

Rhee’s parents worked long, hard hours and as a result, her parents never had the opportunity to participate in the community. Rhee wished her parents could get involved with the community, but they were too busy.

Rhee said, “As a result, when I became a parent, I wanted to become an active parent to connect with the community and my children”.

Janet believes that being a business major from USC has helped her become a strong candidate.

She has worked as a lender in banks for over twenty years and her experience and knowledge in finance will come in handy now that Temple City is facing a budget crisis.

The budget issues have severely impacted the quality of the education system. Rhee plans to utilize her experience in finance to help resolve the city’s financial problems.

Rhee said, “I want to minimize the impacts that budget cuts may have on the students and the community”.

If reelected for the school board, Janet’s plans for the next four years also include starting a savings bond directly for educational infrastructure and developing useful programs for the schools.

Her savings bond plan will “save money that will directly be used toward the construction of the educational infrastructure”.

Past programs, such as RAMS and the Edline website have created positive results for the students and teachers. Rhee plans to continue staying involved with the production of similar programs that will help students improve.

By staying active in the community, Rhee hopes to “give back to the community” through her actions and decisions.

She hopes that her participation in the school board will serve as a model, which will “influence more people to get involved with the community”.

This article is part of a series of candidate interviews for the 2011 School Board election.


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