Defeating the College Board Monster

To conquer the test, Temple City high school students take different methods toward success.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published September 30, 2011

The SAT is just around the corner, with the PSAT on October 1st. The struggles of taking either tests are sure to cause both great excitement and anxiety for parents and children.

Parents prepared their children by enrolling them in expensive tutoring classes, such as Elite, Kaplan, Princeton Review, or IvyInsiders.

Parents often enroll their children in tutoring classes, but it is up to the student to prepare him or herself.

Students have different ways of preparing, whether by studying SAT books, taking outside tutoring

classes, or taking practice tests.

Eventually, the preparation time draws to a close and students get ready to take the test. The day before the test is definitely a nervous day, filled with hope and expectation mingled with fear and dread.

For Senior Maggie Liu, the day before the SAT test is about relaxation.

“Don’t study at all, and relax,” she says. “Make sure to get a lot of sleep.”

Senior Austin Chen disagrees, choosing to target weaknesses the night before.

“Do practice tests for your worst section only,” says Chen. “Then relax and sleep.”

Students have prepared long and hard for both the SAT and PSAT. After all this preparation, they are sure to feel ready.

For Senior Rebecca Pharaon, the October SAT hold great importance.

“It’s my last chance,” she said. “I’m definitely nervous, but I feel prepared for the challenge.”


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