School Board Candidate Interview: Robert Ridley

School Board Member Robert Ridley is seeking a second term.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published September 23, 2011

Robert Ridley is seeking a second term for the Temple City School Board.

Having served four years on the School Board prior to the upcoming November elections, Ridley has the most experience in terms of time spent on the Board.

Outside of the Board, Ridley is also experienced in working for neighboring cities as a controller of finance, a certified finance administrator and certified public account.

Ridley believes a bond, defined as a formal contract to repay borrowed money at fixed intervals, is a very viable solution for the limited funding. As well as his policies, Ridley plans to bring his perspective of how the school board should be conducted.

“Having worked in government for 17 years, the right ways to do it things is good practices,” said Ridley. “I am very committed to our kids, schools and the community, and some of our facilities really need attention.”

However, a major issue that Ridley focuses on is the current budget crisis.

“Cut, Cut, Cut,” said Ridley, “we have cut about everything we can.”

While preferring to cut back on other funds, Ridley also wants to focus on limited resources and old facilities. He calls attention to the lockers at Temple City High School, the failed air conditioning units, and other similar areas that need to be updated and renewed.

With the constraints of the current level of funding and the recession, Ridley admits that the school board is limited to what they can do.

“Given the constraints, of the level of funding, we are quite limited,” said Ridley, “However, we need to challenge ourselves to find better solutions.”


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