Opinion: Shark Fin Soup Not Worth It

Tsang believes that shark fin soup does more harm than good for the people and the environment.

Written by VINCENT TSANG / Published September 16, 2011  

On Tuesday, September 6, 2011, the California senate passed a bill to Governor Jerry Brown, which intends to ban shark fin soup from restaurants.

If approved, the environmental issues that result from the production of shark fin soup will slowly end. Gathering shark fins to produce the soup has created negative impacts toward shark populations and the quality of ocean’s ecosystems.

In order to retrieve the shark fins that are used for the soup, many fishermen will brutally cut the fins off the sharks and toss the sharks back into the ocean for a slow, suffocating death. This method of poaching is inhumane and consumers should understand the poaching technique because if they are aware, they will probably think twice about ordering another shark fin soup.

People believe that “shark finning” should continue because the shark population is still high in numbers. That is not true. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, one-third of shark species now face extinction.

With a declining number of sharks, the ocean’s ecosystem will slowly change. Beauties such as coral reefs will slowly disappear because sharks feed on the fish that eat the coral reefs. The absence of sharks means a rise in the population of fish that eat the coral reefs. People may want to think about limiting their influence on sharks because their influence causes great harm to the underwater world.

Businesses should stop producing the soup because of the population issues that arise. People do not seem to realize the severity of the issue. If sharks become extinct, not only will the sharks disappear, but the main ingredient to the soup will disappear as well. If the soup is truly valued, restaurants will stop producing the soup for the sake of their business.


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