High School Bucket List

10 things high school students should do before they graduate.

Written by JESSIE CHEN / Published September 9, 2011  

Sometimes the daily routines in peoples’ lives can get a bit boring and too predictable, longing for that little spark of excitement and satisfaction of achieving a goal. A bucket list is the perfect way to break that monotonous schedule.

These doable goals can bring a little more spirit into life and create memorable experiences: learn a new language, start a good habit/break a bad habit, take a trip to the beach, get a psychic reading, watch a sunrise, do a good deed.

Learning a new language will definitely be a challenge, but it will be worth it. Although many people speak English, a new language will open new doors to more communication, interactions and opportunities.

Habits are labeled good and bad for a reason. High school students learn and adapt more easily than adults. Breaking a bad habit or starting a good one will be very beneficial. For instance, practicing good time management will take you far, because you will need it when you grow older too.

High school isn’t all about studying, homework and tests. Once in a while, students need to loosen up and go spend quality time with friends. The beach is the perfect getaway for students who want a relaxing day out with their friends.

For people living in a modern society, science and facts explain almost everything. Getting a psychic reading gives life a twist; it could be different, entertaining and surprising.

Most people think that sunrises happen every day and there is nothing special about them, but you would be surprised how beautiful they can be. Watching nature take its course can stir up emotions and be relaxing.

In a society that preaches yourself before others, a nice action is a pleasant surprise. A simple action of holding the door open for someone makes a person feel good about himself or herself and can perhaps brighten another’s day. It’s hard to say which one is more rewarding: watching the person’s reaction or feeling pride after a kind deed.

High school only lasts four years, but there’s a lot you can do before the graduation day. Get busy and seize the day!


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