“Sounds of Paradise” Concludes Concert Series

The multi-cultural event “Sounds of Paradise” concludes the summer concert series.

Written by YINTING HUANG / Published September 9, 2011  

The Temple City “Sounds of Summer” concert series concluded on August 31 with a multi-cultural event that attracted hundreds of people.

Throughout the summer, Temple City hosted a total of eleven free concert events. They were held at Temple City Park, an ideal location situated next to the City Hall, the School District office, and the Temple City library on Las Tunas Drive.

The concerts offered a wide variety of music for attendees to enjoy. Running from June 22 to August 24, the concerts featured performers from all genres of music, from the country band American Made to the Beach Boys tribute band Surfin’ Safari.

The special finale event on August 31, “Sounds of Paradise,” emphasized unity through music. It offered a multi-cultural experience to the audience, through both performances and other means such as special booths and international food selections.

The food trucks, in particular, were very popular. “We are so glad to see how well everyone responded to the addition of food trucks. The community really came together to make tonight successful,” says Frances Manzo-Pimentel, coordinator of the night’s festivities.

The performances started at seven. Members of the International Youth Fellowship performed unique dances from the African, Thai, and Latin cultures. A performance from the O’ahu Polynesian Band featured lively tunes and interactive dances with the audience.

The night ended with a dazzling demonstration of fire dancing, drawing gasps of awe from the audience.

The crowd was very engaged with the performances throughout the night, and people seemed reluctant to leave when the show ended, many lingering to simply relax under the stars and spend time with family and friends.

The show was well-received with the audience and was considered a success.

“Tonight is the conclusion of a very successful summer program,” commented Mayor Tom Chavez, “It’s good to see that the concerts have become a way to gather with family and friends.”


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