18 File to be a Public Safety Commissioner

Despite concerns of lack of interest, an unusually high number of residents apply.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published September 9, 2011 

The City Council can take a deep breath as a high number of residents have applied to be a commissioner of the newly reinstated Public Safety commission.

Eighteen applications were received by the deadline of October 27, City Clerk Mary Flandrick wrote in the October 28, 2010 city manager’s weekly report.

In September, city leaders voted to revive the Public Safety commission. The commission, which was technically not disbanded, last operated 13 years ago.

While the application period lasted a few weeks, there were concerns with the lack of interest from Temple City residents. On several occasions, city council members worried there would not be five individuals willing to serve as commissioners.

After the City Clerk reviews the applicants, the City Council will be asked to select five applicants.

“Once the City Clerk’s Office has confirmed eligibility of the applicants, the City Council will determine the selection process and set a date for a special meeting to conduct interviews,” Flandrick said.

The City Clerk expects the chosen individuals will be seated by the end of November. The term of office for the Public Safety commissioners is two years.

According to the City Clerk, the commissioners will “[review] community safety issues and make recommendations regarding public safety programs, including vehicular traffic and pedestrian safety, vehicle parking control and emergency preparedness.”

In addition, commissioners will oversee parking and administrative citation programs.

The Public Safety commission is estimated to cost the City about $1700 a year, staff previously stated. The commissioners are volunteers and will not be paid.

Furthermore, while the commissioners have yet to be appointed, they have already been given the task of reviewing the Overnight Parking Ordinance, which the City Council amended this past summer.


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