Seven Candidates for School Board Election

Three incumbents and four newcomers are vying for school board office.

Written by JANETTE TANG / Published September 2, 2011

The filing period for the upcoming Temple City Unified School District Board of Education election is now closed.

There will be seven candidates, including three incumbents for the November 2011 election. A total of three seats will be up for election.

The Temple City Unified School District Board of Education consists of five elected individuals and one student representative from Temple City High School that the students elect.

The five members of the school board make executive decisions about issues and matters concerning the seven schools that are part of the Temple City School District.

Current School Board Member, Rachel LaSota, is running to regain her seat on the school board. She has been a Temple City resident for over 25 years and was a graduate of Temple City High School.

“I know that Temple City is a good school district,” said La Sota. “I believe, that in order to be successful, we have to teach our youth, which starts at home and here in our district. We prepare our students for the future.”

School Board Vice-President Janet Rhee is also be running for reelection. She grew up in Temple City and has two sons who go to schools within the district. “When I first ran for school board, I wanted to give a voice as a parent,” said Rhee. “I wanted to share my experience as a mother and as someone who is active in the community.”

Incumbent Robert Ridley, is another choice for reelection. He has resided in the community for over 20 years and has two children who attend schools within the community.

Former School Board Member Emilie Cales, who left the school board in 2007, is running again. “I think that the most important thing is to promote a good educational system for the students,” said Cales. “And for teachers and communities work together for that main goal.”

There are also three new challengers vying for a seat.

Temple City Voice Founder, Matthew J. Wong is running for a position in the school board. He is a graduate of Temple City High School and University of California, Davis.

Kenneth Knollenberg, with a degree in civil engineering, is also vying for a position in the school board. As a regular attendee of the school board meetings, Knollenberg ran in 2009, but did not win.

Attorney Kien C. Tiet is also running for school board.

The election is November 8, 2011.


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