Students Attend Summer School in the Capital

Two Junior State of America members spend three weeks of their summer studying in Washington D.C.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published August 19, 2011  

Temple City High students and Junior State of America members Hugo Wong and Justin Lin recently returned from a three-week study program at Georgetown University in the nation’s capital.

The summer program, which is an annual JSA event, focused on international relations, government, political communications, and constitution and law. Students attended classes taught by college professors who specialized in those subjects.

The program, similar to a real college course, included daily lectures, tests, and plenty of work.

“We have to do a midterm exam, final, and a term paper on our class topic, and have workshops and debate in the evening,” Senior Hugo Wong said. “So basically, it is like a college experience in a three week time period.”

Though the summer school focused on exposing students to the world of government and politics, there was a fun side to the program as well. Museum visits, off-campus dining, and special speakers added to the more relaxing side of the experience.

“The most memorable moments from Georgetown for me were the speaker days, going to Capitol Hill, and meeting Mike McCurry,” said Lin.

After returning from this experience, both Wong and Lin gained new perspective on the workings of the capital.

“This program gave me a better awareness of our government,” said Lin. “We usually think of the government as something far out there, but being in the heart of the nation and seeing senators in action makes it seem more real instead of something that just gets broadcasted on television. Meeting these politicians and senators made me feel government is a part of who we are today.”


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