Six Pull Papers to Run for School Board

The deadline to file is today, Friday, August 12.

Written by KYLE EVANKO / Published August 12, 2011 

Every two years, candidates run for positions on the Temple City Unified School District Board of Education.

To officially run for the Board, candidates must file their paperwork declaring their candidacy. The deadline to file the paper work is Friday, on August 12.

Current members Rachel LaSota, Janet Rhee, and Bob Ridley have their terms ending this year. As of Aug. 9, incumbents LaSota and Rhee have both pulled papers to run; Ridley has not.

In addition to the two incumbents, others such as former School Board Member Emilie Cales, Kenneth Knollenberg, Kien Tiet, and Temple City Voice Founder Matthew Wong have pulled papers to run.

So far, four of the six individuals have filed their candidacy to run, making it official. The others have until Friday to file their paperwork.

The Board consists of five elected individuals and one school representative that Temple City High School students elect.

As a part of the Board of Education, members make executive decisions about the seven schools in the district. As a whole, the board oversees and controls the majority of the issues and matters concerning the schools.

Elections will take place later on November 8.

The Temple City Voice and Temple City High School Junior State of America to sponsor a candidates’ forum for the School Board election. At the forum, the candidates will answer questions and discuss what they hope to bring to the Board.


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