Summer Movies Amuse Watchers

People of all ages enjoy watching different movies for summer entertainment.

Written by JONATHAN TAN / Published August 5, 2011

This summer, Temple City residents scramble to theaters to relax and see their long-awaited movies.

For some, it can be a nightmare to stay hot and sticky at home. Movie theaters make great refuge — providing cool air conditioning and exciting blockbusters to see.

The long awaited movie of the summer was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two. Fans of the series rushed to theaters to see the finale.

Senior Ashley Lam was one of the many who enjoyed the movie.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of the books since I was in middle school. I remember the countless hours I would spend picking up books in the series and never being able to put them down,” Lam said. “[The movie] was great because I don’t think anyone could have made a greater conclusion to the movie series.”

While some moviegoers waited until July to see the legendary Harry Potter, others started their summer movies right away.

Summer meant more freedom and an unlimited amount of time to hit the mall.

“I enjoy movies more in the summer than during the year because I’m able to watch midnight showings more often,” Senior Lily Law said. “I love watching movies at night if possible. If I can’t, I would just watch in the morning to save money.”

Whether it is to see the current hit or to spend time with friends, movies are an essential element of summer, providing entertainment and memorable adventures.


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