Design for Planter with Temple Bust Approved

City Council votes 5-0 to okay design for Temple City Park planter.

Written by RAYMOND TRAN / Published July 29, 2011 

The final design for the planter with the Walter P. Temple bust has been approved.

The City Council on Tuesday voted unanimously to select one of three modified designs for a planter at Temple City Park. The re-designed planter, to be located at the southeast corner of the park, will incorporate the bust of the City’s founder.

A total of three revised drawings by Hirsch and Associates Inc. were presented at the September 21, 2010 city council meeting.

Parks and Recreation Director Cathy Burroughs led the discussion, noting that in addition to the architect’s drawings, Robert Hepler provided his own input. Hepler, a local Temple City resident, spearheaded the project to create the Temple bust.

According to Burroughs, Hepler recommended the bust be placed on a free-standing pedestal, without river rock, and the donor and information plaques be placed off to the sides of the planter.

“Our concern with this is that the plaques are not close to the bust and therefore the people that donated to the bust could be concerned that the plaques be as close to the bust as possible,” the parks and recreation director said. “We are recommending that the donor plaques be as close to the bust as possible.”

But, the City Council disagreed, siding with Hepler on the plaque issue.

The City Council also agreed to raise the end columns of the planter, use real river rock, and move the City seals from the sides to beneath the text of the planter.

Burroughs stated that bid would likely go out in November and construction would begin by January 1.

The total cost for the Temple City Park planter project is estimated at $17,300, Burroughs said.

The City Council previously appropriated $40,000 for planter improvements at both Live Oak Park and Temple City Park. The planter at Live Oak Park is estimated to cost $8500.

“We do have sufficient funds to cover the costs of both signs,” Burroughs said.


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