Temple City Voice Marks 5 Years of Publishing

The July 22nd issue of Temple City Voice marks the fifth year anniversary.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published July 22, 2011

Five years ago, then-Senior Matthew Wong wanted a newspaper that dealt extensively with matters pertaining to Temple City.

“There was a lack of news about Temple City in the local newspapers,” says Wong, “And some newspapers covering Temple City either did not report events or received their news directly from the Temple City local government.”

The newspaper has steadily expanded in terms of events and coverage. Throughout the years, Temple City Voice has hosted a variety of events, including four candidates’ forums over the past few years, such as this year’s forum, which had a panel of candidates running for City Council fielding questions from the audience.

This year’s Editor-in-Chief, Raymond Tran, called the candidates’ forum “one of the most memorable and by far the most rewarding experiences in this organization.”

While Temple City Voice has done its job in having its own effect on the community, it has provided a valuable experience for those writing for part of the newspaper.

Wong said, “Over the last five years I’ve definitely learned and grown to become a better advisor. We have made mistakes but we learn from them and grow to become stronger and build our foundation.”

This newspaper has had led to many great experiences for its members, and as a result, it has produced fine young writers, contributing to the community and to the newspaper itself.

Temple City Voice takes its inspiration from the past and incorporates them to make it a stronger newspaper organization. Amy Fan and Vincent Wei, the Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor, respectively, have been working hard to make sure the newspaper is a success and that more people are involved in the newspaper.

When asked about plans for the future, Fan said, “I want Temple City Voice to be a newspaper that is informative and interesting to read, one that plays its part in the Temple City community.”

As this newspaper celebrates its fifth anniversary, editors look back in the newspaper’s past not only as something to be enshrined but also as something to build on, looking back on its history as a memorial and a cornerstone, a shrine and a building block, and learning from past mistakes and triumphs. Perhaps even more importantly, looking back at the past gives a valuable opportunity to remind everyone of the inherent enjoyable process of just being a part of Temple City Voice that, despite the hard work, there is great excitement and enjoyment to be had.

“The best part about Temple City Voice is to learn and have fun,” said Wei. “And the past editors have been doing a great job at that.”


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