“Carmageddon” Overhyped, Temple City Drivers Say

Drivers were warned of potentially severe traffic issues from July 15th through 17th as a major freeway was shut down for repair.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published July 22, 2011  

During the week of July 11th, signs could be spotted everywhere on the freeway warning of major traffic during the weekend as the 405 freeway was closed for repairing. Is it the end of the world for drivers? According to officials, it may very well seem like an Armageddon on the freeway (thus the name). However, most civilians seem not to be overly concerned about this matter, and perhaps rightly so.

Contrary to the dire predictions, traffic has been relatively normal during this weekend. This could be attributed to the majority of people staying home this weekend, the effectiveness of the warning signs, or a combination of both.

College student Derek Vuong had no problems on the freeway as he made his way to attend a wedding in Orange County.

“I think it [Carmageddon] is overhyped,” said Vuong, “I drove from Orange County and back on Saturday while going about 70-80 miles per hour on the 5 north, the 97, and a couple other freeways.”

Fellow student Wayne Wu similarly experienced little traffic issues on the road.

“Well I just came back from the Orange County Fair and there was no traffic at all. I had to take a little bit longer route to get there but it really wasn’t that bad. There were fewer cars on the road than I thought there would be. Honestly, the drive was better on Carmageddon than on regular days,” Wu explained.

In addition to the mass warnings, 26 Metro lines offered bus rides free of charge in areas near the 405 to help ease any road congestion. The Metro also monitored the traffic and promised to open up new lines with free fare if necessary.

So it seems that the Carmageddon that was expected might in fact have been more myth than reality, and the world of traffic will right itself by Monday morning.


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