New Advisor to Help Co-Lead the Temple City Voice

Temple City Voice alumna Lu Chen returns to lead the newspaper in new directions.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published July 8, 2011  

Temple City Voice alumna Lu Chen is returning to lead the newspaper in new directions.

Previously, the Voice was led mainly under the direction of founder Matthew Wong. Wong hoped to bring about change for the better by sharing his position with another person.

“I have been the advisor for five years, and still will be, but what I wanted to do was to open up a new dynamic by expanding the organization and sharing the responsibilities with another person,” Wong said. “I hope to create new roles to be filled by people who truly care about the organization, and Lu Chen was the first person I thought of that would fit that role.”

Wong explained that, in choosing a new adviser, he wanted to have someone that has continued to play an active part in the newspaper and that could help him reach out to everyone on staff.

“During the last couple of years, Lu has continued to be a great supporter of TCV, and I believe that she is an excellent candidate for this position. It is impossible for one person to get to know everyone in the staff, but I hope that, with Lu on board, the advisers can connect and get to know everybody.”

Similar to the founder, TCV’s new advisor also hopes to expand the organization as well as connect with staffers and leadership alike.

“I am excited to get to know everyone on staff and for them to get to know me. I really want to help Matt expand the newspaper and see where this organization will go in the future,” she said.

As one of the members of Voice at the time it was founded, Lu Chen has witnessed the growth of the organization over the years.

“For the past few years while I was in college, I kept up with Temple City Voice by reading the new articles online. There has been a huge improvement in the newspaper since I was in it, and everything has progressed over the five years’ time. The writers and editors are doing a great job, and I am really happy to see that,” Chen said.

Chen recently returned from studying abroad and will be finishing her last year in college.


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