New Editor and Senior Editor Selected for the Voice

Assistant Editors Amy Fan and Vincent Wei will officially take over in August.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published July 8, 2010

Assistant Editor Amy Fan and Vincent Wei will take on new roles as Editor-in-Chief and Senior Editor of Temple City Voice, respectively, effective August 1, 2011.

As Raymond Tran finishes his term of Editor-in-chief, Fan will take on her role as the seventh Editor-in-Chief of Temple City Voice, and Wei will take on the role of Senior Editor.

Having been a member of Temple City Voice for a good two years and Wei for four years, Fan and Wei are well versed in the operations and the workings of Temple City Voice.

Fan’s previous positions have included working as a staff writer, an artist, and assistant editor of TCV. During Wei’s four years, he has worked as a writer, operation manager, and assistant editor.

Versed in the skills of a leader and a writer, Fan is confident to take on her new position and responsibilities.

“I’ve always been writing, as long as I can remember. I learned how to write newspaper articles in freshman year and I’ve been at it ever since,” Fan said. “I’ve also learned to work with people with my numerous extracurriculars like band and water polo, and I’ve also had a lot of leadership experiences with clubs. Starting and managing my own club has probably helped me the most in preparing me for the workload of this position.”

For next year, Fan hopes to see the continued quality that TCV has produced, and will continue to produce.

“I think the most important thing is to maintain the consistency and quality of the articles, and have them be articles that are informative and interesting,” Fan said.

She added, “I hope I can make TCV an organization that our members will work in. I want it to be something that both the community and the members can benefit from.”

Wei on the other hand, hopes for a growth in members and in presence within the community.

“My goals for TCV is to expand to more readers and students. The TCV is a great experience that I think everyone should take part of. Right now we have approximately 15 members and I hope that doubles within the next year,” Wei said.

“I also want the TCV to expand throughout the community so more people know of our presence and impact on a local and relevant scale,” he said.

Matthew Wong, the founder and advisor of the Temple City Voice, was very pleased with the selection of this coming year’s Editor and Senior Editor.

“We have excellent and prepared leaders to guide the Temple City Voice into its sixth year,” he said. “I’ve spoken with both candidates and they are both committed and responsible individuals.”

Wong continued, “I am confident that Amy and Vincent will lead the staff into a very prosperous year. Watch them grow and transform this five-year organization.”


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