Rutherford Says Goodbye to City Hall After 23 Years

Bob Rutherford, a Temple City employee for more than 20 years, moves on to a new stage in his life.

Written by ADENEY ZO / Published July 1, 2011

After a noteworthy 23 years down the line since his first job in Temple City, Bob Rutherford has announced that he will be retiring.

Rutherford started out his career in Temple City doing landscape and gardening work, and was promoted to his position of park maintenance lead in 2001 for both Live Oak Park and Temple City. He has been doing that very same job ever since.

For Rutherford, the environment he worked in was a main factor that kept him in working for such an extenretirded period of time.

“Temple City really is a good place and city to work for, otherwise I would not still be here after all this time,” Rutherford said.

Retirement always has its ups and downs, especially after one has been a part of Temple City for so many years.

“I will miss working for such a great city, and I will definitely miss the people I have had the chance to work with, along with just the people I run into at Live Oak Park on a daily basis,” Rutherford said.

On the other hand, retirement will offer much more time for him to relax, spend time at home and abroad, and try out new things.

“I am really looking forward to traveling after I retire and being able to visit many new and different places. I also will be able to spend more time with my wife and family and be able to work on my garden at home,” he said.

Despite the drawbacks of leaving behind a long career for Temple City, the park maintenance lead, soon to be a traveler, family man, and gardener, can embrace a new chapter of his life in retirement.


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