Alpha Beta Site Owners Meet with City Manager Again

The owners will evaluate whether to partner with the Olson Company or to develop the vacant property themselves.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published July 8, 2011

The owners of the Alpha Beta site recently met with the City Manager and Community Development Manager to discuss the long-vacant property.

City Manager Jose Pulido and Community Development Manager sat with Michael Huang and Karena Sujo, the representatives of the family-owned property, to discuss a draft plan submitted by the Olson Company.

“Based on our collective input, the family will evaluate whether they are going to partner with the Olson Company to develop this property, or if they are going to pursue developing the property themselves,” he said in the August 26, 2010 weekly city manager’s report.

Pulido, who took over the reins at City Hall last October, is acting quickly to eradicate properties that have been vacant for a number of years.

His recent success was the reopening of the downtown gas station at the corner of Oak Avenue and Las Tunas Drive. The city manager is also working to push Piazza developer Randy Wang to bring forth a new plan.

In January, City Manager Pulido wrote that the Alpha Beta site owners were considering a commercial retail or mix-use development.

Previously, the owners also considered senior, low-incoming housing, a commercial center, and a hotel.

“Both Mr. Huang and Ms. Sujo understand the City’s desire to redevelop this long-time vacant property sooner rather than later, with an aesthetically pleasing development project that is compatible with the surrounding residential and commercial properties,” Pulido said.

The Alpha Beta site sits on the corner of Woodruff Avenue and Temple City Boulevard.


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