“Even You Enlighten Souls” Earns Club of the Year

“Even You Enlighten Souls” wins the Club of the Year award from Temple City for their altruistic direction.

Written by KEVIN WU / Published July 1, 2011  

Even You Can Enlighten Souls (EYES) won the Club of the Year award for the 2010-2011 school year of Temple City High School.

President of Eyes 2010-2011 and Temple City high School Junior, Raymond Van, is proud of all that the club and its members have accomplished.

“I feel very accomplished because to know that all the hard work the dedicated members and I put in paid off,” Van said. “A club is not a club without its members. Each member comes to the event not because they want the hours, it’s because they know it’s for a good cause. Members do not just do what they do for CSL hours, but they do it out of the goodness of their heart, which says a lot about their character.”

This award-winning organization is a group within Temple City High School dedicated to helping the less fortunate and needy and aiding them in obtaining a healthier lifestyle.

As a club, EYES has been actively reaching out to the community through events and fundraisers. The clubs two main events include a weekly Sandwich project held at president Raymond Van’s home where members put together sandwiches to be donated and passed out to the needy, and they also plan trips to the LA Food Bank to package food delivered to the Soup Kitchen. In addition to these events, EYES also partakes in other events such as: the Arboretum’s Wild West Weekend Event, the Chinatown Firecracker Run, Alzheimer’s Walk, and Aids Walk.

Future President and current Secretary, Temple City High School Junior Jannie Guan has hopes of a bigger and brighter future for Eyes.

“I really hope for more members in the future,” Guan said. “And I want them to know EYES is not just for CSL hours, but really to help others that are needy or less fortunate.”

Although EYES is centered on assisting the community, it is really much more. It is a gathering of students, a group of friends, who really want to help others, and have fun.

In addition to these events EYES holds social events that help the club members to connect and really bond with one another.

Temple City Sophomore and EYES member, Steven Diep enjoys time spent in EYES.

“The club is really fun, although events should be longer,” Diep said. “I especially enjoy the park ones because we really get to bond, since the members and cabinet are so chill. I am going to join next year for sure.”

EYES has weekly meetings at Temple City High School’s room 403, and also holds socials at Live Oak Park.


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