Shekinah Glory School of Dance Entertains Crowd

The Shekinah Glory School of Dance held an annual dance recital for families and locals.

Written by VINCENT WEI / Published July 1, 2011  

On Saturday June 18, The Shekinah Glory School of Dance had their annual recital at the Presbyterian Church on Live Oak.

The recital provided a great example of the Temple City community working together. The event started at approximately 3:00 p.m. and by 2:45 the whole auditorium was filled with anxious and excited parents. The entire performance proved to be a success with happy children and proud parents.

Ms. Amanda Lefler, age 16, instructed these children for 8 weeks prior to the recital.

Lefler is a 4th generation Temple City resident. She began teaching around the age of 12 and has over 10 years of experience in dancing, first taking lessons at the Live Oak Park at the age of 5.

Over the years, she has been offering her expertise in true dance academy ballet and tap lessons for the community.

Amanda Lefler and her mother, Donna Lefler, have been working as a mother daughter team to make the dance school possible.

Amanda instructs and choreographs, while her mother manages the schedules, prepares the classes, and answers parents’ questions.

She also takes care of venue, tickets sales, and more during the recital season.

Donna Lefler couldn’t be more proud of her daughter individual accomplishments along with the impact she made on the community through the dance recital.

The Lefler family would like to thank all the families who attended and the church for providing a location for the recital.

“We have nothing but appreciation for the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Temple City,” Donna Lefler said. “[We thank them] for their generosity and sharing in our strong belief in community service. “

The Lefler family feels encouraged to hold more recitals because they feel it is a great way to help the community out.

“Hosting these recitals every June is our way of contributing and giving back to our community, Donna Lefler said. “We want to encourage young girls to reach for their goals and accomplish their dreams.”

To receive further information on the dance recital events, please email Donna at or call her at (626) 309- 9703.


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