Firm Selected to Oversee Rosemead Boulevard Project

The Community Redevelopment Agency voted 3-0 to select Vanir Construction Management, Inc.

Written by TAYLOR EVANKO / Published July 1, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY) 

The Temple City Community Redevelopment Agency on Tuesday voted to approve an agreement with Vanir Construction Management, Inc., to oversee the Rosemead Boulevard Improvement Project.

The decision to select Vanir at the August 17, 2010 meeting was unanimous; Councilmembers Cynthia Sternquist and Vincent Yu were absent.

According to Agency Member Carl Blum, the contract will initially cost the City $125,000. After the first phases of the Project are completed, the City would have to make additional payments.

Jose Pulido, the Executive Director who took over the reins of City Hall last year, said Vanir would evaluate the project and ensure proper enhancements were made. He also stated that City staff could not have handled the analysis of the Project.

As part of the agreement, Vanir will handle the re-design of the Project, as well as the bidding for the actual construction, city officials said.

Earlier this year, the City Council authorized Pulido to issue the RFP, or Request for Proposals, for a firm to oversee the Project.

In total, seven applications were received by the deadline of June 4. Councilmembers Blum and Yu, who sit on the Rosemead Boulevard ad hoc committee, along with the City Manager then interviewed four of the firms.

Construction on the Project is targeted for early next year, just as the County of Los Angeles is improving their section of Rosemead Boulevard, Blum previously said.

The Project was conceived after Temple City acquired Rosemead Boulevard from the state of California in 2008.

The ad hoc committee overseeing the Project have discussed various improvements, including energy efficient lighting, pedestrian-friendly enhancements, as well as drought landscaping.

An engineering report indicated that the Project would cost about $7 million dollars. Fortunately, the City has received up to $6.3 million in grants, with another $3 million allocated from general reserves.


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