Oak Avenue Students End Year with Grand Finale

Oak Avenue Orchestra plays their final performance in Temple City Park to a crowd of family and friends.

Written by JUSTIN LIN / Published June 24, 2011 

On May 11, 2011, at 4 PM, Oak Avenue students went to Temple City Park to play music for all who stopped to listen.

The event was just less than two hours long, with around 100 people attending this event.

The Orchestra played six selections: Brandenburg Concert No. 5 by Johann Sebastian Bach, Surrey with the Fringe on Top (from the musical Oklahoma!), Light the Fringe on Top (from the musical Oklahoma!), Light Calvary Overture by Franz von Suppe, Cellos Ole (written by the conductor himself, Richard Meyer), When Summer Ends by Phil Cunningham, and Billy Tell Overture, also by Richard Meyer, based on the William Tell Overture.

This was followed by the Jazz Band, which played familiar jazz selections, such as Louis Armstrong’s famous What a Wonderful World.

The concert band followed soon after, with Joy by Frank and other pop selections, from Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid, to medleys of pop songs today (I Got a Feeling, Hey Soul Sister, and Don’t Stop Believing) and Disney pieces in Disney’s Magic Theme, ending it with the band’s signature march, the Activity March.

This event, along with many other events, is a performance in which the orchestra and band perform every year. Both groups have performed extensively throughout the year, and both the band and orchestra have performed in its Holiday, Festival, and Spring Concerts at Oak Avenue High School.

In addition, both groups have participated in the newly formed Giving Bach program, giving a chance for both groups to give back to the community by playing for elementary school students.

People in Temple City were given the opportunity to hear the young talent performing in Temple City.

“I enjoy the songs more when I recognize them, which I certainly did.” said Karl Earl, a 25 year resident of Temple City who currently resides in Murietta, California.

Bringing joy to residents of Temple City, this performance capped another stellar year for both Advanced Orchestra and Band, with both groups each winning a Superior rating in this year’s SCSBOA Music Festival.

This event is also the final public performance in which the orchestra and band give. It was a sad and triumphant moment, a grand finale giving students the moment to examine the prospects of the future while remembering the events this year.

For eighth grader Patrick Lee, who played the violin for the orchestra, the performance was a bittersweet moment, as it meant he would soon be leaving his orchestra teacher, Mr. Richard Meyer, who has been working in Temple City for 16 years.

“I’ll be sad to be leaving Mr. Meyer.” Lee said. “He was a great teacher.”

The Advanced Orchestra also played at its Promotion Ceremony on Thursday, June 16th, a final contribution to the school for the great year each student had at Oak Avenue but also an expression of gratitude for the opportunity of being in a performing arts program


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