Wong’s Sentencing Is Postponed

She will return to court on August 24

Written by MATTHEW WONG / Published June 24, 2011 (ONLINE ONLY) 

Former Temple City Mayor Judy Wong on Thursday received another month of freedom because the judge presiding over her case was unable to sentence her.

Patricia Schnegg, a Los Angeles superior court judge, was due to sentence Wong on July 22, 2010, but had to preside in another courtroom.

Wong’s sentencing will be delayed to August 24. She still faces a maximum of 16 months in prison.

The former city official in May pleaded “no contest” to ten felony charges for her alleged role in the Piazza at Temple City corruption scandal. Prosecutors did offer Wong a two-year sentence in exchange for a guilty plea, but she turned them down.

She continued to maintain her innocence after stepping down from the City Council in March.

“I have no more money,” she said, in response to why her “no contest” plea by a Pasadena Star News reporter. “My bail bond expired.”

Another reason Wong may have entered her plea may be due to her elderly mother who has Alzheimer’s disease, she said.

She would have faced up to 12 years and eight months in prison if she went to trial and lost.

Meanwhile, former Temple City Mayor Cathé Wilson’s pre-trial hearing will likely be moved, the Pasadena Star News reported, because of Schnegg’s absence. Wilson is also charged with several felony counts of bribery and perjury involving the Piazza scandal.

The developer of the Piazza at Temple City, Randy Wang, remains unscathed and continues to work on his new proposals for the property on the corner of Las Tunas Drive and Rosemead Boulevard.

Wang currently has two proposed ideas for his vacant land.

His first plan is similar to a traditional strip mall. The development would be 50,000 square feet and would include one restaurant.

Wang’s second plan is more like an urban center that is approximately 67,500 square feet. This development plan would include two restaurants, as well as outdoor dining areas. In addition, two medium-sized retail plans would be available.

City Manager Jose Pulido said he was trying to schedule a meeting with Wang over retail matches for his yet-to-be constructed development, but it was unclear whether a meeting had been held yet or not.


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