Jazz in the Park Swings the Summer into Full Motion

Temple City band members host a jazz concert on Wednesday, June 8.

Written by BELLA CHU / Published June 10, 2011 

As the crowd watches in anticipation, the music buzzes and resonates throughout the pavilion and hums throughout the streets of Las Tunas.

On Wednesday, June 8th, 2011, members of the Temple City Band will be performing their annual Jazz in the Park, a free concert, at the Temple City Park Pavilion from 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M..

Band members have looked forward to partaking in this event since they finished their most recent concert. They enjoy the thrill of performing along with displaying their dedication to music to local residents, friends, and family members.

“We work really hard to play in sync,” Junior Yvonne Tan said. “We are really excited to showcase all of our hard work, and we hope people enjoy the show.”

Additionally, this performance holds value for many of the performers. The Jazz in the Park concert marks the final concert that the Temple City band performs in for the rest of the year, and many students want to make the performance both entertaining and memorable for their loved ones.

“I have been anticipating this performance,” Senior Heather Li said. “My family will be there, and it will be my final performance in high school, so this means a lot to me.”

Originally, the final performance was scheduled for last Wednesday, June 1st, but was postponed due to the rainy weather and wet conditions.  Although the sky was still a bit cloudy at the Jazz in the Park event, this does not deter the enthusiasm and excitement of all the band members.

With their glee and happiness, the band members play their instruments from their hearts, feeling the importance of this last performance.  As the sound of music buzzes away, and the lights dim, the memory of being in band always remains in each of the Senior Band member’s hearts.


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